Prince Randima

Name: Prince Randima

Date of Birth: 17 February 1999

Prince Randima was born at Baragwanath Hospital by caesarean section as his mother was in cardiac distress.

Prince’s life has always been about defying the odds. His first medical admission was at the age of 9 months where his symptoms were shortness of breath, coughing and pyrexia. During 1999-2003 he was admitted to hospital 3-4 times a year due to these symptoms. He was diagnosed with chronic lung disease and cleidocranial dysostosis. In 2003 he underwent surgery at Johannesburg General Hospital where his left lung was removed. Since then he has not been admitted for respiratory problems but receives regular medical check-ups. He is not taking any oral medication but uses an asthma pump 3 times per day.

Prince’s development was delayed due to the many health issues he has experienced early in his life. Due to his disability and financial difficulties, his schooling was cut short – he started crèche at the age of 3 and went as far as grade 8 at Witkoppen Primary School where he obtained a Gardening Certificate. He could not attend a high school that could cater for his special needs because his parents were unemployed.

In 2015 Prince’s mother Pandelani Randima-Majadibodu heard about Afrika Tikkun’s Empowerment Programme and they registered for it. Prince and his parents started to attend Dishumeleni, a support group for parents of children with disabilities. Through the programme, his understanding of his rights and responsibilities as well as his education improved.

Months after joining the support group Prince volunteered at Afrika Tikkun’s Wings of Life centre as a gardener. He became so dedicated to his work that Afrika Tikkun decided to employ him as a gardener so that he could assist his family financially. Prince’s quality of life has improved significantly; previously he did not have the ability to follow complex instructions because of his poor attention and concentration span.

Prince has the great ability to learn practical skills easily and works harder to learn factual and conceptual information; he also has difficulty recalling certain events.

Although he is aware of his limitations he does not use it as an excuse but as an opportunity to try even harder. He uses his garden as his safe haven and a place where he can contemplate his life’s work and journey.