Take The Challenge

The Family Food Security Challenges are based on various entities, individuals and organisations challenging their peers, competitors and counterparts to influence other people to support the Family Food Security Programme. This can be done by Pledging to plant a vegetable garden, buying commemorative merchandise, seeds and associated DIY starter kits or just donating in support of the Programme.


Various Celebrities will challenge their fan base to grow a vegetable garden via different social networks. We will see which of these celebrities can gain the most support from their fans, friends and families to purchase the Family Food Security Merchandise or by Taking the Pledge. Choose your celebrity: Khalil Osiris, Wayne van Rooyen, Carlo McFarlane, Siv Ngesi and more.


Companies and Organisations take a pledge to get their staff, friends and families to grow a vegetable garden, to purchase the Family Food Security Merchandise or by Taking the Pledge.


PBIS AFRICA will challenge schools in South Africa and America to teach children how to grow a vegetable garden. We will see which of these schools can inspire the highest number of children, teachers and parents to Take the Pledge and grow a vegetable garden at school, home and their communities.